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Wait Two Minutes Is How To Eat Food

Not eating when very hungry helps calm the body and nervous system down. Wait two minutes is how to eat food because this helps take away compulsiveness with food and within the body and mind. By doing so with this one task, you are then able to lower your compulsiveness in other areas of your life as well. So sit with your eyes closed in invocation and prayer prior to eating.

If you are compulsive in life, it means that you have chosen not to evolve in life. It means you do not mind running your life in never-ending patterns, that create suffering in your life. Because you have chosen not to seek out new possibilities in and around you. Learn to break free from the bondage you have enslaved yourself in.

The spiritual path has many obstacles to overcome. They are simple, yet also take conscious effort and work. Awareness is the number thing you need to light up in your life. Becoming aware of your inner dimensions breaks you free from the jail you have enslaved yourself in ongoing patterns that no longer serve you.

You eat every day, and hunger is just a feeling you experience. This is a great way to practice your own spirituality on an ongoing basis. Because what you practice, you get better at. Wait just two minutes with your food in front of you. This also goes with other compulsive acts in your life. By waiting just two minutes within your compulsiveness, you will see yourself free from your bondages in no time.

In Joy and Love,

Mr. Michael Adams

(Director at Keep Inspiration Alive)

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