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Level Up Your Life with Habit Stacking!

Learn about habit stacking - a powerful technique to build new habits by linking them to existing daily habits. Discover examples and tips for implementing habit stacking to level up your life!

Habit Stacking
Habit Stacking

Level Up Your Life with Habit Stacking!

Hey friends! Are you looking to make positive changes in your life but struggling to build new habits that stick? Well, I've got just the thing for you - it's called habit stacking!

Habit stacking is a super powerful way to make habit changes that transform your life. The idea is simple - you take a habit you already do each day, then stack a new habit right after it. The existing habit becomes your trigger for the new one. It's habit change made easy peasy lemon squeezy!

For example, let's say you want to start a yoga practice but have trouble remembering. Well, you probably brush your teeth each morning, right? So, you would stack your new yoga habit right after teeth brushing. As soon as you finish up at the sink, unroll your mat and flow through some sun salutations. Brushing your teeth reminds you to unroll your mat - ta-da! New habits formed.

The science behind it is that by linking habits together, you remove the need to rely on motivation or willpower. Your existing habit becomes the trigger that kicks off your new behavior. Pretty nifty right? It takes advantage of your brain's natural inclination to follow sequences and patterns.

Now I know what you're thinking - habit stacking sounds amazing! But how the heck do I get started? Great question my friend! Here are some tips:

1. Choose a current habit you already do daily - bonus points if it's one you do around the same time each day. Brushing your teeth, making coffee, and taking a shower are all great options.

2. Select a new habit you want to build. Make sure to start small! Just 5-10 minutes of your new habit is perfect when beginning.

3. Stack your new habit right after your existing habit. Unroll your yoga mat after teeth brushing, do 10 squats after your shower, and meditate for 5 minutes after your coffee brews.

4. Be precise. Set clear triggers about what action needs to happen and when. Ex: As soon as I finish brushing my teeth, I will unroll my yoga mat.

5. Repeat daily and focus on building the pattern. Do this for at least 30 days to cement it as a habit.

6. Celebrate when you remember to do your new habit! Give yourself a big thumbs up.

7. Troubleshoot issues as needed. If you frequently forget your new habit, try a visual cue like leaving your yoga mat out to remind you.

Here are some fun habit combos to try:

- After a morning shower, dry brush skin for 5 minutes

- After work coffee, take 5 mins of deep breaths

- After fluffing pillows on the bed, read 1 page of a book

- After turning off the work computer, do 10 squats

The options are endless! You can use habit stacking to add yoga, meditation, exercise, tidying, reading, journaling, veggies, and more into your routine. Slowly build that habit muscle and level up your life!

Let me know how habit stacking works for you! Share your creative habit stacks in the comments. And if you ever miss a day, that's OK! Just get back to it the next day. Building habits takes patience, persistence, and self-compassion. You got this!

Now go out there and stack those habits, you superstar! Wishing you joy on your journey of self-growth and transformation.

In Joy and Love, - Mr. Michael Adams Creator and Founder of Keep Inspiration Alive

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