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Knowledge is Power. Or is it?

Most of us went to school as children. Many of us believe that retaining as much knowledge as possible will help us in life. I believe this to be a myth and very outdated. It's a lie we've been told to believe. I believe knowledge destroys our creativity and breaks up our awareness of life around us.

Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden tree of knowledge. Why was this tree forbidden? It takes away from our awareness of life around us. It's a sin. What does Sin mean? Well... it's an archery term that means to miss the mark. So in biblical terms, it means to miss the mark on life.

We seek purpose, so we seek out knowledge. But this is backward. How the brain works. The brain always seeks out more. So if you think that retaining knowledge will unfold your purpose in life, you are mistaken. For when you seek knowledge to find purpose, which ultimately will induce a joyful life. Here is what will happen. You will never become joyful for very long, as you will keep seeking more and more knowledge in order to advance your purpose.

Here is a little secret to life I have recently discovered. Joy. Seek that. Joy will unfold your purpose, not the other around. For when we seek joy, the mind will always seek more. But the byproduct of seeking joy is that your purpose will come automatically. Whatever the masses try to teach you, do the opposite. You know what you are capable of deep within. Knowledge will come on its own. Joy is your will to succeed.

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