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How to ground yourself as an entrepreneur so as not to get burned out

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Many entrepreneurs go hard at the beginning and most get burnt out before they even truly get going. Here are simple and fun techniques on how to ground yourself as an entrepreneur so as not to get burned out. These easy techniques all require you to get up and get outside into the nature that surrounds you.

  • Go for daily walks around your neighborhood or local park.

By just getting fresh air and increasing your daily steps for a minimum of twenty minutes each day you will be surprised how much that clears out those negative thoughts and inspires you with new fresh ideas

  • Try friending new animals in nature.

Friending animals takes you out of your head and puts your awareness of your surroundings. Tip: Crows and Squirrels both love nuts. So make sure you grab a handful before each walk.

  • Take photos of things that inspire you in nature.

Again this helps shift your awareness of your problems and negative chatter that may be going on inside your head, and into the beauty of nature. Look for shadows, clouds in the skies, how the trees bend in certain directions, animals playing with one another, the beautiful flowers that you walk by, etc...

Come back home or to your work office with a

fresh new start and outlook. Enjoy your results.

With joy and love,

Mr. Michael Adams

(Director at Keep Inspiration Alive)

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