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How To Eat With Gratitude

One must eat with love and devotion. How to eat with gratitude comes from knowing that two lives merge into one and fuel you with an energy life force. Being conscious of this is a beautiful thing. When we eat with others in our presence, you call this love.

The greatest pleasure a human being knows is that something that is separate from you is willing to be a part of you. Love is what you call this. It's the most beautiful feeling one can experience. Look upon your food with gratitude as it is willing to fuse life into you and become one with you.

When something without form happens, you call this devotion. So before you eat your food, which is separate from you. The food has its own form. Going into your system digestion track, ridding the waste, and then the formless, forms into a human being.

Be grateful for the devotional love of this magic that the creator has gifted us.

In Joy and Love,

Mr. Michael Adams

(Director of Keep Inspiration Alive)

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