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How to Eat. Is Attention as Important as Knowledge?

We all seem to know the importance of the content of our food and if it is healthy or not. But no one really talks about how we are supposed to eat, and how it affects our body's system. How to eat. Is Attention as important as knowledge?

America is a capitalistic country and comes with many benefits of making our life easier. But does comfort start to affect our health? More than 20% of Americans eat in their car due to the convenience of fast food drive-throughs. It's starting to take a toll on America's health.

Despite if we eat lettuce, meat, or vegetables. We need to understand that it is not just about digestion, as we are fusing two lives together into our system, and this should be consciously celebrated as we pay close attention to it. Because the way we pay attention to this drastically impacts our physical and physiological health.

We have been taught to pay more attention to our thought rather than our attention. This is wrong how they are teaching us in the school systems. It's only a partial truth because our thought can easily fool us, as we are not capable of knowing what we don't know. It is a vicious cycle and a vicious loopback that can cause us stress if something new interrupts the beliefs we were taught. But attention can open up new dimensions to understanding the life process.

We completely ignore the posture we should sit and how we should welcome the food into our system. We need to learn how to observe and pay attention and not just eat out of routine.

Pay attention to your body's needs. One day we may need a certain amount of food, and the next day we may not need as much as the previous day. Every animal is aware of this, yet humans seem to get overly distracted from paying attention to their own inner needs. Attention is the greatest thing we have, not thought.

In joy and love,

Mr. Michael Adams

(Director of Keep Inspiration Alive)

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