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Four Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Ground Themselves

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Entrepreneurship can be a life-changing thing for many people and change the path of their family for generations to come. But there are risks that come with it. Mainly depression as we hear so many times, over and over again in the industry to "hustle" or "the struggle is real". This weighs heavily on many entrepreneurs, especially when they are creating their first start-up. Every so often we see heavy hitters commit suicide as they build up so much pressure from within and do not know how to stay grounded through the process. Here are four ways successful entrepreneurs ground themselves and something I suggest you adopt in your own life as well.

Stay grounded outside work.

Create a work schedule and know when you are working and know when you are off work. Spend time with your loved ones of family and friends. Go out and enjoy yourself together and make sure you separate work with pleasure. This is not the time to talk to your loved ones like you would a potential client (keep that separate). Go outside with people, and go places if you can. If you can not due to financial burdens, go for walks with friends or loved ones. You can even set up a daily walk routine with loved ones, this also includes talking on the phone together as you two both walk. You don't need live by one another to continue a long distant friendship. This is the perfect opportunity to keep long-lasting friendships going.

Push yourself daily

Understand your finances and what you can work with comfortably. As entrepreneurs, we are constantly changing and adapting to our client's needs. This means we constantly need to realign ourselves and adapt to new things as everything is constantly changing. If we understand our finances we take off much stress as we know what new platforms, new techniques, coaches, and mentors we can afford without the constant worry of potentially going bankrupt if we make the wrong decision. Remember everything in this age is changing at a rapid speed and we need to learn how to comfortably reinvent ourselves. Don't forget to unwind at night time with yourself or your family. Watch a movie, or have a glass of wine (no more than two). Nighttime is the time to recalibrate and gather our thoughts for the next day.

Create a network of people you trust

This is one of the most crucial ones I can not stress enough. Build your network wisely. If you do not trust people in your network this can create extreme mental health issues and weigh heavily on your psyche. This will create many mistakes, and chances are you may lash out at people, maybe even publicly through paranoia. Create a culture of fun and play and find the people you trust most and keep them close to you. Building a network of like-minded people you trust can propel you far in your career because you will enjoy collaborating and working together in a joyful spirit. When we are joyful, we are more creative and when we play together our pain tolerance goes up. So challenges are not as painful as they would be with people you do not trust. It all bounces back and becomes a mirror to us. Build your network wisely and learn to create a culture of play together. Those who laugh together, stay together.

Be springy in the face of failure

Things do not get easier with experience. But time creates confidence and wisdom through each failure. When starting a business you are creating huge risks. These risks include things like financial and reputation risks. It's not easy, nor is it hard. It falls under the line of very challenging. Expect to fail many times over. What separates the strong from the weak is how fast you get back up once you get knocked down. Learn to create a buoyancy nervous system that can immediately bounce back from failure. Be like a spring and bounce back the moment you get knocked down. This is the quickest way to succeed and not have failures weigh us down and more so often keep us down for the long count. People who spring back up quickly are the ones who adapt much more quickly. This will keep you in the game much longer as you become much more grounded in yourself through all the trials and errors that come along with entrepreneurship.

With love and joy,

Mr. Michael Adams (Director at Keep Inspiration Alive)



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