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Do You Function Best On An Empty Stomach? How To Eat Healthy

You think that eating food throughout the day will vitalize you with more energy. Have you ever stopped and wondered the opposite? Do you function best on an empty stomach, and how to eat healthy to maximize your energy output? Let's explore this new thought together.

Let's take a look at how we fill when we eat, compared to when our stomach is empty and we feel some hunger from within. When your stomach is full, you feel a sense of lethargy, and just want to sit as your body digests food. But when your stomach is empty, you are more alert and sensitive to your own inner dimensions. Self-awareness seems to be more heightened during times of hunger.

Become more aware of the food you put into your stomach and eat food that will pass through your stomach bag within about 1.5 to 2.5 hours. The food will move into the intestines and the energy used at that point will dramatically decrease, allowing you to be more alert after that point. You will have more energy, agility, and alertness within your system.

The sensation is the outermost layer of who you are. You want to maintain that so as not to become sensitive to anything and everything that comes your way in life. The digestion process seems to bypass this awareness of sensation. So to remain sensitive on a self-awareness level, it is important to keep the stomach empty in order to function on higher levels. In Joy and Love,

Mr. Michael Adams

(Director of Keep Inspiration Alive)

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