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What Is The Best Time To Fast? How Awareness Helps Your Decision

It is good to fast every once in a while. But how to know what is the best time to fast, and how awareness helps your decision in this process? Just about every religion observes a fasting period throughout the year. This fasting process is usually around once or twice a year, sometimes more, and sometimes less, depending on what religion your faith falls under.

Fasting is a process to purge out things that no longer serve you, and purify the body, mind, and spirit. These are spiritual techniques that help you raise your vibrations to help you see through the mask of illusion you wear. Breaking bad habits is the goal, and to get used to them in your life. Step out of the matrix programming and reprogram your subconscious mind with good and healthy behaviors.

As you prepare yourself psychologically and physiologically so you can go without food, there are two days out of the month you can observe fasting through becoming aware of the moon cycles. Ekadashi is the name and it falls on the eleventh day after a full moon and new moon. This is when digestion is not at it's best. Eat lightly or if you can fast completely. If this is to much for you, then go on a fruit diet that day. In Joy and Love,

Mr. Michael Adams (Director at Keep Inspiration Alive)

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