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Water is life. How much water do I drink?

Water is life. Many of us do not drink enough water each day. This is unhealthy and affects our moods and how we view life.

A chart of the human body and the approximate percentage of water within us

(pinpointed to vital areas)

Body = 60% Brain = 73% water

Heart = 73% water

Lungs = 83% water

Skin = 64% water

Kidney = 79%

Muscles = 79%

Bones 31%


Earth's surface = 71%

As above, So below

As within, So without

As the Universe, So the Soul

How much water you should be drinking per day on average:

Weigh in Pounds (lbs) = Half your weight in fluid oz


100 lbs = 50 oz of water


Weigh in kilograms

100 kg = 3.26 liters (3,259.89 ml)

100 pounds = 45kg (45.35923kg)


1 fl oz = 29.57 ml

1 l = 33.81 fl oz

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