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The Conscious Mind

Welcome Back to Keep Inspiration Alive

Today we will be discussing The Conscious Mind

I am Mr. Michael Adams

I am a depression and PTSD survivor

Former Addict of narcotics and alcohol

Borderline Atheist

Found God through a spiritual awakening

Now Entrepreneur

Here to serve humanity

21 Day Meditation Challenge

Conscious is a very elusive and interesting term. No one really seems to fully grasp what it is to be truly conscious. So, let's give it a go and see what we can come up with in this term known as conscious. You would think this term would be easy to identify because if we are asleep, we are unconscious. So that must mean if we are awake, we are then conscious. Is this correct?

Ya, well... (sort of)

Our conscious mind filters out so much reality that it gets deep when trying to understand consciousness and being conscious. Ever notice a deep thought come up and play out in your head? Are you conscious at that moment? Are you aware of reality? How about this...

Did you ever drive home from work on the same route you drive every day, only to get home and not remember any of your drive? Were you conscious then? Ya...

See? This is why it seems to be so elusive, as consciousness seems to fade in and out of us. How do we become more conscious throughout each day?

That is a really good question, as you are already conscious. How we know we are conscious is by being aware of our consciousness.


Do things slightly different within daily routines. Brush your teeth with your opposite hand. Leave for work 5 minutes earlier. Make it a point to check your breath three times a day. Stop and observe all your surroundings. Stare at a cloud. Look at an animal outside. Do anything to shake up your norm and not fall into unconscious patterns in our life. We tend to miss life when we do not pay attention.

The Conscious Mind.

"I Am Conscious" Turn those words into a mantra throughout the day. Your world will open up, then you will have no doubt in your mind that you are fully conscious (for that moment). Remember, it's an elusive thing. The moment we become unaware if we are conscious or not. Stop and think back... Was I just conscious in my life? Well... Were you?

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