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Self Compassion. What Are The Things I Can Do?

Welcome Back to Keep Inspiration Alive

Today we will be discussing Self Compassion. What are the things I can do?

I am Mr. Michael Adams

I am a depression and PTSD survivor

Former Addict of narcotics and alcohol

Borderline Atheist

Found God through a spiritual awakening

Now Entrepreneur

Self Compassion is huge when it comes to self-healing, as it helps us let go of things that no longer serve us in life. Along your journey, you will face many challenges, and overcome many hurdles in life. You will hit times in life, where you feel like just giving up on everything.

Don't. Don't ever give up on life. Push forward.

How? You may ask.


cut yourself some slack in your journey. I know you want to take over the world by next Monday. I know. I get it. But we need to learn to slow down in our journey.

Stop and smell the flowers. Take in life.

Here are things that can be done to maintain self-love:

Take breaks from your day. Even if you just need to mentally check out for a little bit. Give yourself permission.

Light a candle at night, and just gaze upon the flame. This helps relax the mind, and nervous system.

Take a bath or a bubble bath.


Take a day off and go out and spoil yourself. (You can afford this every so often)

Go to a spa treatment

Get a massage

Get a facial

pedicure/manicure (yes men can do all this as well)

Take yourself out on a date night - Dinner and entertainment

There are endless possibilities. But just do something you really enjoy, that creates positive karma for you. Going out and drinking with the boys, is not what we are looking for in this instance. So keep that in mind. We are looking to pamper ourselves in some way. So think what it is you like, and or lack in your life, and go do something along those lines. Our body does tell us what it needs, but we just got to pay close attention to our needs and wants, and not feel bad for taking time out for ourselves. This will help rejuvenate the soul, and put us back on track, with a fresh pep in our step along our journey. Give it a try, and make this a routine.

Routines to create:

Daily Micro Routines

Weekly Love

Monthly Event

Daily Micro Routines

Find small things that you can do each day to create momentum, within your daily routines. Make sure you schedule self-compassion within your days.

Weekly love

Go out and do something nice for yourself. It does not need to be expensive. Actually, go find something free. Like a long walk, or a bike ride in nature. Something free to low cost.

Monthly Event

This is where you spoil yourself. Go out and find something Big, and Go enjoy yourself. Say you want to own a yacht in your life. Maybe go get a feel for it, by renting a yacht for 1 hour.

To help give examples of this.

2 options and limited money.

  1. You can go out on a paddle boat all-day

  2. You can rent a yacht for 1 hour

Always pick the bigger experience. This is a way to keep you excited in life and give you a taste of the good life, you are seeking after. You can always rent a paddleboat in life - any day of the week. But a yacht is an Experience not always available - Always go for the bigger, even if it is less of it.

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