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Scribble Your Way to Emotional Freedom

Do you remember scribbling as a child? I bet you didn't know this can unlock unnecessary emotions we carry. I believe this to be appropriate right and left brain activity that also does something on a metaphysical level. When it comes to emotions and which side of the brain it stems form goes as follows: Happiness, Pride, and Anger live on the left side of the brain. Emotions of avoidance like disgust and fear are stored in the right brain. So depending on the emotion you carry could activate both sides of the brain, as scribbling uses the right side of the brain.

I would like to thank Jennifer Hart at Connected for teaching this technique to me.

This is a simple yet powerful way to release emotions that may be attached to trauma.

First set the intention of the emotion you wish to release. The purpose of this is to transfer the energy of that emotion from your body and mind onto the piece of paper. As Albert Einstein tells us, "Everything is energy and that is all there is to it".


  1. Set the intention of the emotion you choose to release

  2. Pencil and paper - start scribbling vigorously

  3. Once you start drawing circle 8's consistent - you're done

If you wish to layer this just a bit more:

  1. Date and title the emotion written at the top

  2. Try both eyes open and eyes closed

  3. Journal your experience and what came up for you.

  4. Lite the paper on fire after to release the energy - giving it back to the universe

With Joy and Love, Mr. Michael Adams

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