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Proper Way to Shower to Enhance Moods

Showers to enhance our moods. How to properly shower to uplift us throughout the day.

Showers are showers correct? I mean it's about just cleaning our body from dirt and grime, right? That is what I used to believe as well, but when we look at it from a spiritual level, there is more to it.

Our brain retains heat and we can get overheated and stressed out. Our brain uses approximately 20% of our bodies energy. That uses about 400 to 500 calories, and under deep anesthesia it uses around 150 calories. So we want to minimize how much stress it is using.

Cold water therapy helps with this. But jumping into a cold shower is very difficult to do for people at the begining and takes sometime to get used to.

Here is a strategy to help lower the heat the from your brain and also helps elevate moods.

Get a cup of cold water prior to taking a shower. Turn the water on and get it warm. Once it is warm, Turn off the shower and get in with your cup of water. Dump the water over the crown of your head and let it run down your body. This pushes the heat down into your body and away from the brain. Now turn on the shower to cold and let it run on your body for a moment, then gradually turn it back to being warm. Take your shower normally as you would with warm water, and once you are about to finish your shower, turn the water back to as cold as it can get. Start with the water on top of the crown of your head. Wait until you can kind of bare it. This again pushes the heat away from the brain and back down into your body. Then rinse off the rest of your body with cold water. Then finalize it back to the crown of your head to cool off the head and brain as much as possible before ending your shower. This will elevate your mood as well, as you start to do deep breathing under cold conditions, and your body starts to berate properly and getting oxygen to all the proper places through out. Try this and you will see a difference after.

Recap: Dump Cold Water on Head

Cold Shower on body Turn to Warm Shower

Finish with Cold Shower water on Head

Cold shower on body

Back to cold water on crown of head.


With joy and love,

Mr. Michael Adams

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