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Overcoming Depression. A New Day Awaits You

Depression comes in waves throughout life. If we don't fight it, we can learn a lot from it. Something has come off alignment in our life. It's a good sign we need to change something in our life. The first 20 minutes we wake up and the last 20 minutes before we go to bed we are in a natural state of self-hypnosis. Take advantage of this time. How?

Listen to empowering music or speeches. A great one I recommend is "words on leadership" by Less Brown. We don't want to get stuck in these moods. Another thing we want to do is surround ourselves with friends and loved ones. It's crucial that we get out of our heads as soon as possible. Another way to help to get out of our heads is to get out in nature. Go for walks. Get fresh air, and observe nature. Speaking of nature, go sit and stare at a tree for long periods of time. Something changes within us when we sit in stillness and stare at nature. When we pay attention to nature, nature pays attention to us. This creates a grounding effect. Sit by a lake, or a body of water as well. Water is one of the 5 elements. It's calming to the mind, and new uplifting thoughts start to come our way. Read for 20 minutes every day. This can be a book or listening to audible. Anything to get out of your head ad stay positive. Something to give you hope for a better future. Make sure you journal every morning. Journaling helps us organize our thoughts. Just remember this is a timeline we need to get through. You can totally do this. Just remember that this too shall pass. Don't get stuck in one spot. Keep moving forward. There is hope for you. You are loved, and people are depending on you to show up as your best self each day. Don't go around telling everyone your problems. 80% of people don't care, and 20% of people are glad it's you and not them. Telling everyone about your problems, destroys your psyche and lowers you even more. Stay out of your head. Implement a meditation practice, and stretch your body. Remember, that you are valid, and bigger and better things are coming your way. You must believe this, even if you don't see it yet. Depression is a sign of things to change. When things change we start to get back in alignment with our higher selves. Creation, God, Universe have something better for you and needed to get your attention. You got this. Hang in there. You are creating a new path, where there were previously no trails. You are a leader, so lead the way for the others. You have something special in you, hone in on that.

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