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No Talking Is How To Eat Healthy

Many people feel the need to talk too much in life. This is your mental chatter needing to escape and feel understood. But this causes many health risks, especially when eating. No talking is how to eat healthy.

Eating is a program engrained into us through instinct. So it is odd how people seem to get this basic instinct wrong and start choking on their food. When I speak, something must come out of my mouth. But when I eat, something must go into my mouth.

When children speak at the dinner table, adults usually tell them Shhh... No talking while you are eating. But countless adults do not abide by their own advice given. When you talk while eating, many things can go wrong. So, no talking while eating is how to eat healthy.

This is a start to becoming more self-aware along your spiritual journey. Just be quiet and enjoy and savor the taste of your food. This will reduce health hazards such as choking to death on your food. Be aware of this during your next meal. Doing one thing at a time is vital to your overall health.

Learn to slow down in all aspects of your life. You are in no rush, and over time your mental chatter will start to slow down, causing you to focus on the task at hand. Enjoy your food and the silence in the presence of others.

In Joy and Love,

Mr. Michael Adams

(Director at Keep Inspiration Alive)

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