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How To Eat Healthy - Two Meals A Day Helps Keep Death Away

Understanding the body purification process helps us to know how to eat healthy - two meals day helps keep death away. When we eat and our body starts to digest food, the purification process of the body and cells almost comes to a complete stop. When the stomach is empty, the purification process begins. This is one good reason to minimize food intake throughout the day.

Keeping a clean colon is connected to our physical and mental health. Throughout history, there have been Emperors, Kings, and just about all yogis who understood this. Even nowadays when you go to a doctor, some will ask you to fast for 12-24 hours prior to coming in for your visit. You want your waste to come out all at once, and not instead of traveling through your colon many times throughout the day. This is a constant flow of toxins traveling through our bodies.

Constant digestion and toxins flowing through your body are not good for you and effects your mind and psychological state of being. It creates an unstable system all around.

The gap between eating should be between six to eight hours. If you can not do that, then a minimum of 5 hours in between eating will do. If you are very active and need a small snack to help boost you, then it is recommended to eat one small piece of fruit.

This may be hard for many at the beginning. But this is part of the spiritual process of how to live a long and healthy life. Take the steps to lower your food intake to your desired goal with this new understanding.

In Joy and Love, Mr. Michael Adams

(Director at Keep Inspiration Alive)

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