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Heal From The Inside Out

We are one immense nervous system. The nervous system is critical in disease (Dis-Ease) and healing. There are three other factors we need to look at as well. Those three are the gut, the brain, and the heart.

Create an environment that supports you. Keep things uplifting that contribute to adding energy to your day-to-day life. Be it with people, or things you watch, listen to and consume.

Listen to music that calms you

Eat healthy foods.

What we put in our stomach affects how we think.

What we think affects how our heartbeats. How the heart beats affect how relaxed or tense our nervous system is being.

This is all a loop back to one another. If one gets sick, it affects the rest, which then creates disease within our body. Stay positive, think positive, and speak positively. Your energy is contagious, and your reality will mirror your inner dimensions.

With Joy and Love

Mr. Michael Adams

Keep Inspiration Alive

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