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Foods good for the nervous system and brain function

Our nervous system and brain are pretty much what make up our reality. A tense nervous system stressed mind


A relaxed nervous system, relaxed mind

There is more to it, but I feel this is our basic core when it comes to our world views. So it is important to keep both our mind and nervous system as healthy as possible.

Here is a no-fluff list of healthy foods that are good for our brain and nervous system to help maintain balance in our diets and life.

  1. Avocados

  2. Bananas

  3. Blueberries

  4. Spinach

  5. Beets

  6. Cacao in Dark chocolate 70% or more of dark cocoa

  7. Broccoli

  8. Coconut Oil

  9. Nuts

  10. Garlic

  11. Pomegranate Juice

  12. Oatmeal

  13. Olive Oil

  14. Rosemary leaf

  15. Green Tea

Nervous system

Vitamins B1, B5, and B12


Vitamiins B6, B9, and B12

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