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Energy and Metaphysical Techniques. How to release things holding you back.

Do you want to let go of the fear, stress, and trauma holding you back?


Here are three metaphysical ways to let go.

  1. Speak your concerns and worries into a rock. Then throw that rock into a lake or somewhere you can not retrieve it.

  2. Transfer your emotions into a toothpick. Then light it on fire and watch it dissipate.

  3. Write out your past traumas and stress out on a paper. Then light it on fire and watch it go away.

Remember that everything is energy. So please take advantage of this deep knowledge and use it to rid of the things holding you back.

Replace each one by writing down what you plan on bringing in. The intention setting is powerful, so replace to old and bring in the new.

With joy and love


Mr. Michael Adams

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