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Dimensions of Intelligence and Memory

In order to begin to overstand how to heal the mind, we first must start to overstand the different dimensions of the mind.


  1. Buddhi is the Intellect and part of our survival. We want to have and keep this sharp. But we must not grab from the wrong end of it anymore. We must grab the other side of the handle, and stop cutting ourselves with it.

  2. Hunkara is our Identity (Not our Ego). This is part of our cosmic identity (separate the mask we wear)

  3. Manas is our Samskara and is a Silo of memory.

  • Elemental Memory

  • Evolutionary Memory

  • Genetic Memory

  • Karmic Memory

  • Articulate / Inarticulate Memory

  • Subconscious / Conscious Memory

4. Chitta is Pure Intelligence and if we make contact and touch our Chitta then we become boundless in perception. People will look upon us in amazement and awe as manifestations happen effortlessly in our lives.

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