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Welcome Back

I am Mr. Michael Adams

I am a depression and PTSD survivor

Former Addict of narcotics and alcohol

Borderline Atheist

Found God through a spiritual awakening

Now Entrepreneur

Here to serve humanity

21 Day Meditation Challenge

Body scan meditations are Great for afternoons, to help destress our body from the stresses we build up as the sun gets higher. Have you ever noticed that higher goes, so do our stress levels? Maybe it's just me, but I notice within myself, and see it in others as well. Right around 12 noon or 2 pm, people seem to be on edge, including me. Just observations of the Sun and Moon's energy and how it seems to affect our nature (it's very interesting to observe).

Counteract stress build-up.

Simply take a time out (take a pause for the cause), and look inwards. Find a quiet location and have a seat. This can be done either on the floor with your legs crossed or can be done in a sitting position on a chair. If sitting on a chair, make sure your back is away from the seat, with your spine fully erect.

Close your eyes, focus on your (belly) breath, and just relax. Find where you are building up stress, and just breathe it out through visualizations. Start from the top of your head and work your way down.








Lower belly







Focus on each section for no more than 3 seconds. Notice any tension that may be stored there and breathe into it. Then move your awareness down to the next section. Once you bring your awareness down to your toes, stop, and work your way back upwards. Once you bring your awareness slowly back up to your crown area, that is considered one cycle. Do 3 cycles

After doing 3 cycles which takes just a few minutes to do. You then sit in stillness with your eyes still closed for about 30 seconds to a minute. Then place your hands in prayer gestures (hand, fingers, palms connecting) next to your heart, and just mentally say thank you. Place your hands back down on your lap. Sit for another 5-10 seconds, and then slowly (very slowly) open your eyes. Nervous System Reset Simple


This is Mr. Michael Adams

From Keep Inspiration Alive

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