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Accountable - Are You Holding Yourself to a High Standard?

Welcome Back to Keep Inspiration Alive

Today we will be discussing Accountable - Are You Holding Yourself to a High Standard?

I am Mr. Michael Adams

I am a depression and PTSD survivor

Former Addict of narcotics and alcohol

Borderline Atheist

Found God through a spiritual awakening

Now Entrepreneur

Here to serve humanity


What are you doing along your journey? Where are you headed? What is your vision?

Will you get there? Do you have goals? What about action plans? Do you have timelines to get things done? These are all very important questions you need to have answers to in your life if you plan on making your vision a reality.

Who holds you accountable?

This is all you, on every aspect – do you think you can handle that?


Of course, you can.

You need other people as well, but again, this is all your efforts being put into place. You need to stop and really think about your life, and your actions moving forward. Be calculating in your moves and speech, and start taking inventory of your life, in every area.

Holding yourself accountable takes daily practice. How to get into daily practice is by creating a discipline of daily routines, and turning them into daily habits. It creates a compound effect of getting things done in our lives. So, start off small, and really build off it over time.

Remember this is not a race. You need to pace yourself - BIG baby steps will get you there. Find the one big domino in your life and knock that down.

What is the one big domino you ask? That is the big thing you are putting off because it intimidates you. So cut the crap, and the excuses and get that one big thing done and off your plate. Discipline yourself, it’s within the mind.

Mind Over Matter

(If you do not mind, then it does not matter)

So, make light of your journey and do not mind the struggles and frustrations that come up in our lives. Frustration is a good sign, as it is our brain making connections previously missed. So, it is our mind developing and creating personal growth within our lives. It’s just hard to recognize at the moment of frustration. But just push through, and get the one big thing out of the way in your life.

Imagine if All the hard things you were refraining to do, were done?

Compound effect – All hard things first, then we are left with easy things in life to maintain.


Make lists. Start making lots of lists, especially at the beginning.

Make daily lists, weekly lists, monthly lists, yearly lists, 3-year lists, 5-year lists, 10-year lists, and 20-year lists (God willing).

This may sound ridiculous, and it might be. But it also might not be, so give it try and see for yourself. Don’t take my word on things, try things yourself, and see for yourself. Get as far as you can on this exercise. Take time, no rush on the expanded versions. But do keep up with your daily, weekly, and month lists. These ones are critical to maintaining to help keep the momentum going forward.

Friends and Family

Now is the time to get support, because you are going to need it. Find 3-5 friends (preferably 5), and at least one family member on board with you (immediate family). If you are married, you obviously need your spouse on board, and on the same page as you (supporting you). If you are in a relationship, your partner needs to be supportive as well. You really need to sit these people down in your life and have a face-to-face (if possible) conversation. Explain to them your vision and what it is you seek out to Achieve. Say you need about 3 years of support, if it does not work by 3 years, you promise to go back to whatever else it was you were doing. 3 years and no less. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS ----- TIME

Holding yourself to a high standard

Yes, you are worth it. Do not short-change yourself in life. Aim so high, that you are not even sure that it is possible. You already set up a foundation of accountability and support. Throw out the limited mindset when it comes to business and money, and think with an abundance mindset. Whatever you focus on, you will achieve. What we focus on grows. So, it is up to you to stay focused on that which it is you want in life. No excuses for moving forward. If there is a will, then there is a way. How bad do you want it?

21 Day Meditation Challenge

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