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The Four Parts of the Mind

Breaking down the mind into 4 parts from a Yogi's standpoint.

The mind can be so complicated, especially if we view it from a logical standpoint. The mind can be dissected in many different ways from anatomy and scientific view. Yogi's have seemed to simplify this down into 16 dimensions and 4 parts. Today we will be focusing on just the 4 parts within the dimensions of the mind.

The first one is called buddhi, which is the intellect.

The second one is called ahankara. Ahankara does not mean ego, this, that, it means identity. Whatever you’re identified with, your intellect functions only around that.

The next dimension of the mind is called manas, which is a massive volume of memory. It is not here or there, the entire body carries memory.

So, the fourth dimension of the mind is called Chitta. Chitta means it’s pure intelligence. It is unsullied by memory, it has no trace of any memory, it’s just pure intelligence

reference: Sadhguru

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