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The Blanket – Winter Picnic

Every time I open up, I experience love all around me. This time was no different. Today was snowing and I thought I would stay home by myself. But as fate would have it, I was being forced out of my comfort zone (yet again). My master brought me to a park, and laid me down in the cold snow, out in the park. "What kind of cruelty is this? Why would my master make me sit out in the park in the freezing snow? What did I do to deserve this?" I lay curled up in a square, asking myself, "does my master still even love me?"

My master, I see is talking to a stranger, a stranger I have never seen. My master points at me, as they both look over at me and smile. I start to feel nervous about what is about to happen to me. My master then leaves me behind with this stranger. I feel so scared, as he walks straight up to me, and grabs me by both ends. "What will he do to me?"

He then throws me to the ground and opens me up, spreading me open onto the snow top ground. I gasped, “Oh No! What is about to happen to me?"

He then goes to his car, and pulls out his items, I laid there in fear, but also a strange feeling of excitement rushed through me. I closed my eyes, as he returned back to me. I did not want to watch what was about to happen to me. I felt him placing his items all over me, but he was gentle. But I still wanted to cry.

Just at that moment, I heard a familiar brake squeak from a car. "Was my master? Did he return?" I opened my eyes, to see what horrors awaited me! To my surprise, my master came back to me, but he had a woman with him. Laying on top of me was a bottle of red wine, cheese, and a picnic basket. My master set this all up. This was not the horror I thought I would see. I did not do anything wrong.

In fact, I am the centerpiece of keeping my master and his lovely date warm, as they create an experience of love and connection.

Wow!! She is beautiful. (My master is blushing)

"Why do I always think the worst each time I open up? Look at all this love that surrounds me."

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