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Subconscious. Does it influence my worldviews?

Welcome Back to Keep Inspiration Alive

Today we will be discussing Subconscious. Does it influence my worldview?

I am Mr. Michael Adams

I am a depression and PTSD survivor

Former Addict of narcotics and alcohol

Borderline Atheist

Found God through a spiritual awakening

Now Entrepreneur

Here to serve humanity

21 Day Meditation Challenge

The subconscious mind is extremely powerful, as everything since birth has been recorded and stored away within compartments into the subconscious (nothing seems to be lost). So, the subconscious becomes our own matrix. Everything we see, hear, and feel, all get stored away in the vast compartments within the subconscious mind. It becomes the memory hard drive of our reality and how we perceive the world to be. This affects our worldviews and hinders our life's reality.

The subconscious is recording Everything, from body temperature, digestion, sounds, smells, sight, and much more (everything). While the conscious is very limited to what it intakes. The conscious mind seems to be only registering what we have our awareness on at that moment.

How does the conscious and subconscious mind work together?

When the conscious mind becomes aware of something, it then needs to pull data from somewhere (do we recognize this?). As the conscious mind processes, the subconscious is always active, and pulls from storage compartments, and hands over to the conscious mind. Whatever you are trying to process (in milliseconds), is what emotion you had previously stored there.

Mind processing

Is this safe? Is this dangerous?

Does this make me feel good? Does this make me feel bad?

Do I love this? Do I fear this?

Our matrix

Whatever we perceive it to be, is our truth. Because that is what we stored away in our subconscious mind. So, it loops back into the conscious mind. Which we tend to revert back to that emotion that was stored alongside it. This creates our karma that plays back over and over throughout life, until we awaken to this truth, and work to change.


Creates and shapes our worldviews, and defines our reality. We can either accept or reject reality, but it is still our reality. No one but ourselves has the power to change, by first changing our own thought patterns, which creates new karma and worldviews.


This is Mr. Michael Adams

From Keep Inspiration Alive

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