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Stress and Anxiety no more?

Have you ever woken up, and sat upright away? Have you ever noticed this thing inside us level out? What is that thing? What is going on inside us?

Is it our inner equilibrium? Is it all that water just sloshing around inside us? Wait… Isn’t our body made up mainly of water?

Isn’t there a song that Yogananda sings called “I am the bubble, make me the sea?”


Could this tie to brainwave activity as well?

Let’s explore this image in the mind’s eye, shall we?

When we have anxiety and our stress levels are up. That puts our brainwave activity level high, pushing out too many thoughts per minute.

If we examine a bowl of water and shake that bowl, then ripples are created on the surface.

But when we leave the bowl of water just sit in its own stillness,

The surface remains calm.

Is this duplicatable in our own body as well? Will stillness calm the anxiety and stress within us…? written by: - Mr. Michael Adams

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