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Spiritual Calmness. Can grace be bestowed unto you?

Write out 2 affirmations that have deep meaning to you in what you need in your life. Really think about this from a nervous system level. What does your nervous system need the most?

Before bed mentally chant your affirmations over and over, with your eyes closed as you fall asleep. When you wake in the morning, immediately thank God (or whatever your higher power is), and go directly into mentally chanting your two affirmations over and over.

(Note: it is very important not to change your affirmations. Keep your same two affirmations and do not change them up. This will have a bigger impact on your nervous system and subconscious mind, which will leak into your superconscious mind) Stay barefoot within your home as much as possible. This helps with grounding your body and mind. If possible to get outside and be barefoot, that is highly suggested as well. But just make a point to be barefoot as much as possible throughout each day.

Light incense to help keep yourself calm. This helps as it helps us automatically shift from breathing through the mouth, into breathing through our nose. This is Huge as far as keeping ourselves calm throughout the day. Make it a point to lite White Sage at least once a month. When lighting white sage, set your intention with your affirmations and prayers you have to God (Allah, Krishna, Shiva, Jesus, Buddha, The Universe - whatever you recognize as the higher power of positivity). Pray and set your intentions. You do this for a couple of months straight and make note of your anxiety and stress levels. Feel and watch them all come down as grace Starts to fall upon you.

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