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Shiva Namaskaram Results (25 Days)

After doing Shiva Namaskaram for 25 days straight.

It has been very challenging to do 12 consecutive Shiva Namaskarams.

I started off recording myself, and watch it back. Each time I thought I did 12, in reality I had only did about 8 or 9, sometimes 10 or 11, and only a few times actually doing the correct amount of 12.

What I have come to notice is I am a "little" bit more flexible, as I do not need to bend at the knees as much. Still I need to have a slight bend in my knees, but not as much as I had at the beginning.

This process has helped me identify my energetic fields center around my body, giving me more awareness and balance.

For me it has really been about the center - the spine - and alignment inside and out.

It also seems to help the energy flow within as I stretch my spine back and forth.

I look forward to keeping this within my daily rituals.

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