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PTSD. Who Gets It And How Do We Heal It?

PTSD stands for Post Traumadic Stress Disorder. There is a misconception that only soldiers get this disorder after returning from war. Millions of people have PTSD, this is a silent disorder.

PTSD can be brought on by many forms of trauma. Some examples include deaths of friends and loved ones, near death experiences, abandonment, violence, abuse, rape, molestations, fires, shootings, stabbings, witnessing violence, the news on television, terrorist attacks, overexposure to traumatic events play out over and over again, etc (just to name a few).

They are events that disrupt the brain and nervous system. When it happens the person may experience triggers that brings them back to that moment of trauma, and the person relives it all over again. Every since of there being feels like they are going through it again on some level. Many things can create these triggers, and everyone's triggers are different. Sights, smells, images, places, events, loud noises, can all lead to triggering ones PTSD.

What happens in the brain from my own personal experience of it, is that thoughts ricochet around in a compartment of the brain. It's like a pin ball trapped in a part of the brain, and it does not release. It takes awhile to calm down on it's own aftered being triggered.

Good news. It doesn't have to always be this way. There are techniques to help elevate PTSD, and in some cases completely eradicate it from the system. There is a misconception that one is stuck with this for the rest of there life. It is a brain and nervous system injury, and it can be healed. Different forms of Psychotherapy helps such as CBT. Some more powerful ones that work fast in just one to three sessions are Timeline Therapy for the emotional release and TRP therapy (to eradicate trapped thoughts) which stands for TACTICAL RESILIENCY PROCESS or Tactical Resilience Program - find more information about TRP at

Remember, you are not stuck with this for life. It can be healed. Seek help.


With Joy and Love,

Mr. Michael Adams

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