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Prana Foods

Prana is a Sanskrit word for life or breath. It is our life force energy.

Positive pranic foods.

Here is a list of foods to uplift us with energy:

  • ash gourd

  • honey

  • coconut

  • whole grains

  • millet

  • nuts and seeds

  • fruits (fresh and dried)

  • fresh vegetables

  • sprouted mung beans

  • beans and lentils

List of negative pranic foods. Foods that take away our energy.

  • onion

  • garlic

  • asafoetida

  • coffee

  • tea

  • chili

  • eggplant (brinjal)

  • stimulants, such as caffeine

  • intoxicating substances, such as alcohol

Neutral pranic foods. Foods that don't give us energy, nor do they take away energy:

  • tomatoes

  • potatoes

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