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Pareto Principle 80/20 Rule. How can this be applied in my life?

Welcome Back to Keep Inspiration Alive

Today we will be discussing Pareto Principle 80/20 Rule. How can this be applied in my life?

I am Mr. Michael Adams

I am a depression and PTSD survivor

Former Addict of narcotics and alcohol

Borderline Atheist

Found God through a spiritual awakening

Now Entrepreneur

Here to serve humanity

First, we must overstand what and who this Pareto guy is in the first place.

So basically 20% adds the most value

While 80% has very little value

There are a lot of ways this can be applied in life, in just about every aspect. We just need to identify what it is we need to work on, then apply this principle to it.


Look in each room. What are the 20% of items that give you the most value in your life? Great, throw out the rest. An accumulation of things tie up our energy and make us less productive in life and mind. Surround yourself with only things that uplift you with good energy, memories, and thoughts.

Social Media (Start-Up Business and Small Business)

Oh geez!

I'll let you know when I get that one ironed out. I too struggle with social media. Here is what I have discovered so far. Take what works and throw out the rest

There are a lot of knuckleheads online. So, it is crucial to find people who are positive and understand that we are a business (maybe a work in progress business - but a business nonetheless - Right? We want to help others.

If you have tried to create a startup business online, you know it is very challenging, and it can be very easy to get discouraged and want to give up. We need to pace ourselves and keep our energy pure through the process of getting our business off the ground.

Take it slow at the beginning, and really build that foundation strong. Try not to just accept everyone who sends you a friend request. To help your thought process along this part of the journey, think in terms that you may want to only be accepting about 20% of friend requests (especially at the beginning). Get comfortable with denying people at the beginning. Get over that hurdle of over caring too much over the little things. Many people seem to friend other people and have zero clues as to who they just sent a friend request to. Hone in your skills by weeding these people out. Be very selective at the beginning. Scroll through people’s pages and see where their mindset is, through the reading of the previous posts they posted to the public. Their posts are windows into their mindset and worldviews. This is very important to keep in mind, even in our journey moving forward.

Talk to people first before accepting friend requests. This is all part of building a strong foundation.


Identify the 20% of people who give or add the most value to your business.

Identify the 80% that are either negative, or add or contribute very little value to your life, and/or your business.

Separate them!


Again, I struggle with this as well. At this point in time, as I write this blog and do this podcast, I have not gotten in flow with that yet.

But what I see is:

Group pages

Business pages

Disperse people on different platforms

Using certain platforms for only clients

Seeing and understanding and doing and overstanding are two separate things. Just know that you will get it figured out. It really just comes down to a "Feel" and which path you feel most comfortable in. As everyone's path is different. We must just keep failing forward until we find what works best for us.

Traps we fall into.

Not sure if we should delete people, block people, and even sometimes report people.

Keep this in mind.

Always move forward. Do not second guess yourself. If you have deleted someone or blocked someone, first off know that is healthy for us. Because no one should be ruining our online experience. We have complete control online of how we set things up. There is NO reason to need to worry about negative people and have it ruin our online experience. They are out there. Do everything you need to in order to protect your energy.

What if I delete someone, and I get second thoughts afterward?

That is normal, just do your best to let it go, and move forward. If people are meant to be in our lives, they will find their way back (welcome them with open arms). Sometimes we just have to let people go online. Just remember there are plenty of good people online and around the world. Focus only on the good, and distance yourself from the rest.

Find Your Tribe and Fly Together


This one you have to do some serious soul searching on. Friends are very important to have in life. But we must be sure we are surrounding ourselves with good people in our lives. It's not a numbers game when it comes to friends. Be careful of having too many "close friends" as that can lead to a trap.

Mutual loyalty is what we seek. We seek people to travel alongside each other, witness each other’s journey down each other’s life paths, giving support where support is needed. People come in and go out of our lives, and that is fine. People are put into our lives for "A Reason, A Season, or A Lifetime." It is up to us, and ONLY us to decide which of those 3 categories each person falls into.

You may be thinking, it is not always up to me. Sometimes people leave on their own, and I have no say in it.

This is true from one perspective, but there are two sides to a coin. If we do not let go of those people and be ok with it, then we hold on to negative emotions and feelings, as those thoughts start to turn on us. So, it is wise to recognize that those people may have just been in our life for a season. That's ok. What did you learn during that timeline you were with them? Keep those memories moving forward (love and joy).


Identify your 20% of friends who give you the most value in your life and hold them close. You help them, as much as they help you. Always be there for them, as much as you can. Can your friendship withstand the storms of life? Those are rare, so cherish them.

Identify your 80% of just casual friends. Now, overstand they are just that... casual. Give yourself permission to be ok with not needing to spend lots of time with them. It eases the mind and frees up space to focus on the top priorities in our lives, to help us advance with the least amount of resistance moving forward.


Surround yourself with good memories. Find the 20% of pictures or posters, that you put on your wall that gives you the best memories that make our heart sing when we look upon them. Then box up the other 80%

Write down good memories and put them in a cookie jar to draw upon when we get down.

Put affirmations on the walls.

Utilize simple little things to rid the 80% of thoughts or memories that no longer serve us. Create an environment full of good memories. What we focus on grows. If we see good memories everywhere, we then create the karma of good uplifting momentum moving forward.

There are so many endless possibilities to applying Pareto 80/20 Principle in our lives.

Be creative and think of areas where you currently struggle in your life.

Ask yourself:

How can Pareto 80/20 Principle be applied to this situation?

You may be surprised with your results moving forward.

Keep that momentum going.

You Rock!

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