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Opiate Addiction - Heroin Overdose! My friend OD'd, What Do I Do?!

Welcome Back to Keep Inspiration Alive

Today we will be discussing Opiate Addiction - Heroin Overdose! My friend OD'd, What Do I Do?!

I am Mr. Michael Adams

I am a depression and PTSD survivor

Former Addict of narcotics and alcohol

Borderline Atheist

Found God through a spiritual awakening

Now Entrepreneur

Here to serve humanity

Call an Ambulance and Police!!! Get A Professional!!! Do Not Hesitate!!! Act Now!!!


I am not a medical professional. Always seek professional help first. This is for education and entertainment purposes only. I am a former addict who knows the pain addicts go through. Opening up a dialog for people, and planting a seed within, in hopes to keep someone alive until a medical professional arrives.

I am not condoning the use of any drugs or narcotics, in any way, shape, or form.

But let's be real about this together.

Addiction is a very challenging thing to overcome. We all have it in us to stop our addictions. But until we figure it out, it is easy to continue, or fall back into our addictions. We have to fix our mindset first and foremost and shake these false beliefs that we cannot do it. Those are lies, as we absolutely can stop once we make up our mind to do so.

Have Faith in yourself and Believe in your capacities!

Opiate and heroin addiction are no joke, and should not be taken lightly. Many good souls are taken away from us way too early in life. It's unfortunate, but it's the sad reality at the same time.

If you are with someone or find someone unconscious, first look at their chest and stomach to see if it is moving (it means they are breathing). If you see no signs, then stick your finger under their nose, and see if you can feel any breath coming out.

If they are blue or turning a different color, other than what is natural. This is a bad sign. Call a professional immediately.

Things you can do until help arrives.

Shake them

Slap them


Male: Grab his testicles and squeeze them hard!!!!

Female: Grab her breasts and squeeze them hard!!!

Pick them up and put them in shower (Fully clothed - Just get them in!!!)

Turn on the shower (Cold!!!)

Keep calling their name!!! Can you hear me?

Wake Up!!!

I need you to wake up right now!!!

Wake up!!!


Do not run away

Do not fear to call for help (even if you are high on drugs)

Do not ignore your gut instinct

Do not panic

Do not assume they are just out, and will wake up on their own

Do not hesitate


Stay calm

Look for signs of breathing in chest and belly

Feel breath under their nose

Yell their name

Shake them / Slap them

Grab and squeeze breast or testicles (Hard!)

(If you have a drink with ice in it, dump it down the front of their pants)

Call police and a medical professional

Yell their name (Wake Up - I Need You to Wake Up!)

Get them into a cold shower immediately

Stay Calm

I hope this day never comes for any of you. But if it does, I hope this helps.

Let this be a lesson for you. Even if you are just reading this, and this has never happened to you.


You have been lucky so far.

Let this story, stay that.

Just a story and not a reality.

Believe and never give up on yourself

Life is worth it (trust me)

You are just one inspiration away from...

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