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Higher Self / Nature / Universe / Energy / God

Welcome Back to Keep Inspiration Alive

Today we will be discussing Accountable - Are You Holding Yourself to a High Standard?

I am Mr. Michael Adams

I am a depression and PTSD survivor

Former Addict of narcotics and alcohol

Borderline Atheist

Found God through a spiritual awakening

Now Entrepreneur

Here to serve humanity

Metaphysical paths from atheist all the way to God – Can I help you find your pathway? Is there a path for you... that you fit into?

Each person is at their own layer of consciousness

Each person is also on their correct path within their consciousness (Never judge people’s journey – as it is not your journey to judge)


This doesn’t matter where you are at along your spiritual journey as far as the beliefs you hold of the spirit realm. If we pay close enough attention, it is very clear that there is SOMETHING going on outside of our control.

It can be viewed in many different perspectives, from:

· Higher Self (Self Realization)

· Nature

· The Universe

· Energy

· God Realization

This is a spiritual journey I am taking you on. So, let’s start with the atheists.

Atheists - Welcome

First, let me start out by saying that I am you. Well... That is… I held atheistic beliefs for a very long time along my journey as well. So, I FEEL I can highly relate to your thought process.

You are at the proper place along your journey, and I am not going to try and persuade you into anything different.

We Die, We Go Back in the Soil. Nothingness afterward. I get it.

Even more of a reason to hold no fear, towards loving outward, while creating your future – even if you do think to yourself, "These poor idiots don’t seem to get it."

But You Do! That is all that matters.

As we age, we start to notice subtle things changing around us. It’s kinda weird when we pay attention to it.

We tend to get stuck in loops within our life when we try to think our way through our journey. When it is all about us, it is hard to advance forward. You must hand over your will to SOMETHING. It does not matter what it is, but it must be a strong belief, something that you can resonate too. This is one of the only few ways to advance forward with ease. As there is SOMETHING happening when we do surrender our ego to this mysterious and metaphyscial force.

How can we activate the metaphysical by being an Atheist?

How you do this is by placing your faith into something, it does not have to be God, or anything belief relating to an afterlife. What you CAN DO is Very simple…

Do you believe in the future?


What does your future self tell you to do? (This would be represented as your Higher Self)

Just try to visualize, visualize your future Higher Self as your motivational bully. It is always there to guide you towards a better path. When we do this, something from within STARTS to morph from within us. Something changes. Pay attention, it’s really weird. Perception starts to open up around us. We start to see slightly clearer along our journey.

Who do you want to become? Really think about this, long and deep.

Let me ask you again… WHO Do YOU want to become in life?

What does he or she:

· look like

· dress like

· act like

Now do your current behaviors align with your future Higher Self?

Hold faith towards your future Higher Self. Your future self will thank you. Because you Will Get There by surrendering to yourself by projecting forwards in thought.

Next Layer:


Ok, that whole future Higher Self thing does not resonate with you for whatever reason. That is fine, as we have many layers to this. Let’s explore nature. How do we activate the metaphysical from within through nature?

Easy, just pay attention to your surroundings. You see how everything within nature just kind of flows? Do you notice old people act way different from young people? Ever notice a 25-year-old or under still has that pep in their step, and a smile on their face, and a gleam in their eye?

Fast forward 10 years. What happened to us? Those smiles are not as present, that gleam in their eye has already started to fade. Then look at the expressions at each 10-year gap in between. It just kind of keeps fading. But not with everyone. Some actually seem to get livelier. Why is that?

Well… Karma (action) they took in life.

Let’s dive into this on a metaphyscial level. Just pay attention and trust the process of life. Nature Will take care of you, but you must completely surrender to nature and its mysterious force. When we do this, life becomes more of a flow, things just kind of come to us with more ease. Trust the process of life.

Nature has your back, ask any old person what they would do different. You may be surprised by their response. Many wish they did not live so much in fear, because it really held them back from Fully Living. We have one shot at life. Regardless of what you believe what happens after we die, one thing is clear, that there is a force of nature while we are alive. Lean into nature with a curious mind, and love in your heart.

You may look around and think, but these other idiots don’t seem to get it.

But you grasp it. So, focus inwards on yourself, and tune out the idiots around you. Just like you, they are doing their best along their journey. Everyone is on the correct path; it is not up to us to judge other people’s journey. Just observe. It’s beautiful when we can detach and truly see all the beauty that surrounds us in all aspects of nature.

Next Layer: The Universe

You have taken your spiritual journey to a very exciting place. As you recognize your future higher self – you grasp that. You have also been paying close attention to all the nature that surrounds you, and really looking inwards on your own nature. You may be still trying to wrap your head around that one. But for the most part you feel you have a pretty grasp on that as well.

Then comes the Universe.

Once we get to this stage, we naturally start looking upwards, trying to figure out what the heck is going on? Then you will start to see the stars, and planets. This will eventually cause you to bring up philosophical questions.

Wow! We are a speck of a speck within the cosmos. How does this all affect me? Does it affect me?

The answer to that is YES.

But you need to really think about this on your own. Think deep within this topic.