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Forgiveness. What I am going through.

I reached out and forgave my father after over 24+ years of not seeing or speaking to each other.

How was it? It was weird. The entire experience, and everything leading up to it.

I had made up my mind about a week prior that I would reach out to him. During that time it felt as though I was on a LSD trip on some levels. Everything just kind of felt very surreal and melting into the present moment.

It is a morph that has been going on for days after now. How does it feel on the metaphysical level? It feels like a heavy hollow feeling pressing down and through me, as it gives off feelings of understanding and upliftment. It's gradual on both feelings, so it's like this heavy awareness that is taking place.


Christmas day:

Kind of a heavy feeling of awareness within the visual part of my mind.

Letting go on a metaphysical level. My awareness seems to be deeper in the mind, and no longer high on the surface.

I am starting to notice less jolts of flashback memories and coming into peace just a tad bit, from what I am starting to see and feel. I do not want to jinx anything. But I am paying closer attention to this feeling, to see what may transpire from it.

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