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Entanglement Cycles. Is our Karma doing the Tango in Life?

Entanglement Cycles

According to Sadhguru, we go through cycles. When we examine our energy on a karmic level, these are the loopbacks we tend to repeat in our lives.

If you notice patterns in your life's karma coming back to do the tango dance with you, pay attention to that along your journey in life. How often do they repeat themselves?

Here is the Breakdown from Sadhguru

12.25 years – healthy

6 years – Successful with no peace and joy in your life

3 years – hard time with the world around you – and yourself

18 months – you’re on anti-depressants

9 – 6 – 3 months – mental and physical struggles

Action Steps Sadhguru recommends we take:

Write down on paper events in your life. Look for and spot out patterns.

Are you noticing any of the patterns? If those patterns are coming in 12-year cycles, your karmic entanglement is healthy.

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