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Earth Positioning Awareness and Religious Observations.

Earth Positioning Awareness

Happy Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere)

Happy Winter Solstice (Southern Hemisphere)

The June solstice (summer solstice) in Los Angeles is at 2:13 am on June 21, 2022. In terms of daylight, this day is 4 hours, 32 minutes longer than the December solstice. In most locations north of the equator, the year's longest day is around this date.

Side thoughts:

Interesting that it falls just after father’s day

Masculine Energy = the sun

Feminine Energy = the moon

Encrypted religion (possibilities)

West = sun worshipers

East = moon worshipers

Hidden in symbology


East = Mysticism, and Philosophies

The Middle East = has faded into the Abrahamic religion of Islam and Judaism

West =Europe and beyond are more defined as Abrahamic religions of Catholicism and Christianity

Africa = Indigenous, Shamanism, and Tribalism

It seems to be a wave effect

Israel seems to be the center point of it all.

East and much of the Middle east consist of Moon or Stars, while

West consists of Sun within the symbology.

America’s North America = originally Eskimos, Indigenous, tribalism, Shamans

Central America = Indigenous who were blatant sun worshipers (most famous, the Myans and their temples)

South America = Indigenous, and Shamans

Ignorance Check:

Australia (I don’t know what’s going on down there)

I imagine they are defending and fighting off the world's scariest bugs.

I wonder what they pray to? Lord Raid (bug spray)?

East to West Fade:



The Abrahamic religions



Sun Worshipers


Take Away:

We’re all looking upward for help to save us from ourselves

Happy Solstice Day around the world

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