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Conscious Inspiration Planet Music (Movie)

Sounds of Keep Inspiration Alive. Conscious Videos - Consciously Put Together

(Recommended to listen to while wearing headphones)

Mr. Michael Adams Mystic & Visionary

(Storytelling through music - Each video message plays off the last video - Making one long message (movie), intertwined with life tools, and philosophies. To help give meaning in a world where you find none. 12 scenes / chapters)

103 videos

Almost 10 Hours Long!!!

A list of videos to help you along your Awakening process.

You are not alone.

Inspired by: The Bhagavad Gita

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This video movie message was put together in a timeframe of 43 hours over 3 days, of focused concentration. This video did not come from me, but instead, through me. (5 weeks into fasting) published 5/18/20


Directions How To Watch!!!

Things To Know:

- There are 12 scenes/chapters to this music video (movie).

- Each chapter ends with chanting

- Chanting represents clearing the board for the next scene (it is also wise to use as a tool in life)

- Look for Sadhguru and Yogananda before starting each chapter

- Each chapter should be viewed in its entirety to get the most understanding

- Check to see if you have enough time to watch an entire chapter before beginning

- If you see symbolism or spiritual people you do not recognize, throw that out and tune into the message being delivered

- Keep an open mind, and be curious about what you see

- Knowledge is power

- Take what works

- Throw out the rest

Jai Guru:

1. Yogananda --- Love / Self Realization

2. Sadhguru --- Generate Self Joy / Bliss / Ecstasy

3. Dandapani --- How the mind works (nature of the mind)


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(looking to connect with like-minded people around the world - together we can make a BIG difference on this planet)


Some of the videos contain violent scenes that may be unsettling to some viewers


Mr. Michael Adams

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