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Abrahamic Religions Rituals. A Healing Puzzle?

Spring is among us. The earth is making its way back around to the sun, the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming. Time for rebirth and renewal in life.

Within the Abrahamic Religions we have:

  • Judaism

  • Christianity

  • Islam

2021 Rituals Dates

  • Christianity / Catholicism

Lent - February 17th till April 1st, 2021

  • Judaism

Passover - March 27th till April 4th, 2021

  • Islam

Ramadan - April 12th till May 12th, 2021

Is this a puzzle to aligning our life energies and to learn to discipline ourselves into the health of our body, mind, and soul?

Come and let's investigate this together.

In Catholicism and Christianity, they celebrate Lent. This is a time to fast from luxuries items for 40 days.

In Judaism, they celebrate Passover, and they fast from bread and beans, pasta, and rice for 8 days. In Islam they celebrate Ramadan, and they fast from eating food during sunlight hours. Let's examine our observations.


  • 40 days give up luxury items

  • 8 days fast from heavy foods

  • 1-week break

  • 30 days fast from food (sunlight hours)


Helps us to learn how to detach in life, and not be dependent or held down by worldly items. This helps us be more sensitive to Life and Life around us. It brings awareness to the people around us, our priorities, and into a state of self-realization, as we start to focus inwardly. When we become self-aware we become more in tune with the divine. Fasting also helps clean out our system from toxins we have accumulated over the year and puts our nervous system more at ease.

Break Down:

  • Detach from worldly desires (Mind)

  • Fast from heavy food (Body)

  • Fast from food (Soul)

Clean out the body and mind and your health and worldviews will change, creating a positive energetic loopback into your reality. By cleaning out our gut, our nervous system will start to relax more throughout the day. With a relaxed nervous system, then comes relaxed thoughts. Relaxed thoughts put us back into the flow within Life's cycle on both the inward and outward dimensions.

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