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5 grounding techniques every entrepreneur should know

In this article, we explain 5 grounding techniques every entrepreneur should know to stay focused on their business and keep themselves in a positive mindset throughout the day.

1. Make yourself laugh

Laughing is just good medicine for everyone in every experience. Laughing also helps produce all the feel-good endorphins that help ground us and lift our spirits. You should always try to find things to laugh about, be it the mistakes you make, or funny things you catch yourself doing. Because if we can not laugh at ourselves, then how will we let other people laugh around us as well?

2. Visualize your favorite place

Visualizing is a great tool used by all the greats throughout history. When we can visualize our future working out in the best possible situation it creates a sense of calm within our nervous system and even the hardest tasks seem to become easier.

3. Listen to music

Everyone likes music. So it is wise to make a playlist of uplifting music to help you through the day.

4. Watch a funny YouTube video

This comes back to creating experiences of joy through laughing in our life. YouTube is a great tool for that as it has sound and visual effects to help us. Animals, Babies, Cats, and Children say the darndest things are great examples to look for. These are hilarious and you really don't need to search hard to find something to laugh at.

5. Dancing

Dancing will make you feel good, while also raising your energy levels to continue throughout the day. It will boost your mood as well while raising your confidence. You can even record yourself and put your silly dancing in your storyline within social media that shows others for 24 hours to help lift other people's moods. It's just fun, even if you are not good at dancing, and even more the reason to let go and show others.

With joy and love,

Mr. Michael Adams

(Director at Keep Inspiration Alive)

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